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Goff Roofing, Are contractors operating in Sheffield & South Yorkshire, Offering many roofing services.

Built Up High Performance Felt Roofing


Built up bituminous membranes are probably the most economic and common form of roof covering material for domestic flat roofs. They can be used on timber, metal and concrete decks.

Today’s high performance felts are reinforced with polyester or glass or a mixture of the two, and are coated and impregnated with bitumen.
High performance felts are supplied in rolls and can be laid in two layers bonded together with hot bitumen. The multiple layering reduces the risk of failure as any damage in one layer will usually be covered by the next layer.
High performance felts are often referred to by the additive used in their manufacture.

GRP Fibreglass Roofing   


A properly laid fibreglass roof should last for at least 25 years before it starts to noticeable deteriorate. As a result GRP fibreglass roofs are an ideal solution in many roofing requirements.

This flat roofing system in the picture, is a new generation and the answer to traditional leaking flat roofs. Since it is seamless, it eliminates all the problems and short life span of felt or bitumen materials. GRP fibreglass roofing is attractive, cost effective, durable, long lasting, and maintenance free.

EPDM Rubber Roofing 

EPDM rubber roofing can be supplied up to 15m x 30m in one single piece, which eliminates seams. This product has been know to last 40 years +.





Pitched Roof  Repairs to a Complete Re Roof


Defective and ageing flat roofs can be transformed by conversion to a pitched roof and this can be achieved by the installation of a lightweight structural frame system.

Flat roofs can be converted with minimum disruption to building occupants and provide a cost effective solution with many benefits:

1,Roof pitch facilitates water run-off and drainage is moved to the outside of the building

2, Dramatically upgrades building aesthetics and increases value.

3, Provides opportunity to upgrade thermal performance – reduces heating bills & energy consumption – reduces future maintenance costs.

4, Considerably extends life of building

Guttering: Timber. UPVC. Aluminium. Cast

­Seamless_Aluminium_Guttering.pngGoff Roofing specialise in the replacement and maintenance of various types of guttering and fall pipes.  We can carry out a thorough inspection of your current rainwater systems and advise you accordingly.  We can provide a quotation free of charge for UPVC guttering and fall pipes, Cast Iron guttering and fall pipes, Twinplas guttering and Timber guttering.




UPVC Fascias, Soffits  Guttering & Cladding

­UPVC_cladding_fascias_gutters.pngFascias soffits & guttering are essential to houses, as they not only offer weather protection but also prevent damage to guttering and even timber work. Guttering is attached to fascias which supports the edges and protects the rafters, soffits on the other hand protect the underneath of the rafters. It’s clear these are important parts in order to have a secure guttering so it is vital they are made from a reliable and sturdy material which also can transform the aesthetics of a property, in this case the best material is UPVC.


General Roof Maintenance

­Replacing_Flat_Roof_Boarding.jpgRemoving the old chipboard decking to allow the New OSB-3 Interlocking boards to be fixed into place, then the GRP Fibreglass or EPDM roof is installed.




Mastic Asphalt


Mastic asphalt roofing can be applied to form a continuous waterproof covering over flat, sloped or curved surfaces and can be worked around pipes, roof lights and other projections.

Mastic asphalt can be laid on most types of rigid sub-structures such as concrete, timber and metal decking. Furthermore, thermal insulation materials can be easily laid as part of a mastic asphalt roofing specification to give any required U-value and can last up to 50/60 years.



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The unique thing about Goff Roofing is that whoever visits you to prepare a written quotation (usually Ian or Jason) will actually be involved in the fitting process, providing you with a continuity of service which is becoming exceedingly rare these days.