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UPVC Fascias, Soffits & Guttering 


UPVC cladding, fascias and gutters provides a stylish and effective means to protect and decorate the exterior of your building without the need for continual and costly maintenance. Enhance the style and quality of your home with our wide range of UPVC maintenance free cladding systems. UPVC Fascias and Soffits wave goodbye to the costly maintenance of the wooden Fascias.








Seamless Aluminium Guttering

Seamless_Aluminium_Guttering.jpgWhen compared to standard UPVC guttering seamless aluminium guttering. The seamless gutter system is a one piece gutter rolled and formed on site to exact measurement with a strong bridging system hidden within the gutter. This means there are no unsightly brackets on the outside of the gutter. There are of course joints on corners but these overlap by up to four inches so leakage is very rare.

Seamless gutters are very durable and are low maintenance. The average expectancy is 30 years plus.They have high rain water carrying capacity which is much greater than other non-metallic alternatives. Seamless aluminium guttering is environmentally friendly because the guttering is produced from recycled aluminium. 

UPVC Cladding 

UPVC_Facia_Cladding_350.jpgUPVC cladding, is used to protect your homes walls, timber areas, roof rafters & joists.

Not only is it time consuming to maintain timber in high areas such as Dormers etc but also very expensive. UPVC cladding eliminates future maintenance and adds appeal to your home.






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